Why this new site? Practise my writing

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[This post is the first part of a multi-part series.]

A key motivation for setting up this site is that I feel the need to practice my writing. Of course, like many others I write stuff all the time but this tends to be mostly short E-mail messages. It’s  only the odd longer-than-usual, mini-essay sized E-mail that requires any kind of sustained effort and concentration, and I find myself up against a wall sometimes when needing to write a report or co-author an academic article.

One reason I can perhaps put my finger on is sheer exhaustion from spending the better part of the 2009-2010 academic year writing my ginormous ‘big book’ PhD thesis. That writing bout was almost immediately followed by three smaller writing tasks, during which I sometimes had huge difficulty putting even relatively simple things down in writing. I reckon my brain & fingers must have gone on some kind of strike and have been trying to recover ever since. To combat this, I want to simply try and write more often, as a means to keep my writing facilities in practice.  My inital aim to produce a decent-sized blog post every month or so.

Another aspect to this is that I hugely admire bloggers like Martin Fenner, Cameron Neylon and others, chaps who are very adept at putting together thoughtful, short (and sometimes not so short!) pieces on a range of topics. Though I can never hope to match them in wordsmithing and depth/range of subject, I’d like to emulate some of their style and approach and use this to help me become a better writer.

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