Which language? Or both

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Now for a not-terribly-insightful post (sorry!): the question of whether to blog in English (the international language of science) or in my native Icelandic. Or perhaps both?

On the one hand, one might argue that it is my duty, of sorts (and matter of national pride) to write in Icelandic, since it is my native language and especially since I am now moving base from the UK to Reykjavik. I should take cue from some of my colleagues, like the recently-repatriated geneticist Arnar Palsson who blogs about various research topics and local scientific events. In addition to the communicative aspect, writing regularly in Icelandic ought to help me expand my scientific vocabulary and (re) learn to write after several years living and working abroad.

On the other hand, writing in Icelandic is damn hard! Also, not writing in English immediately cuts off a potentially big international audience, including all the nice folks I collaborate with at University of Leicester, in ORCID and elsewhere. After all, how many people working in science speak Icelandic?

So what’s a bloke to do? My conclusion is that I should, for now anyway, continue to write in English, and at the same time aim to provide a translated version in Icelandic for the occasional post that is likely to be of particular interest locally. Translating everything is too much work.

Ergo, enter my next challenge: figure out how to enable content translation in WordPress.

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