Paper just out, on ORCID and collective action

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This paper came out earlier in the month. The piece was mainly authored by Martin Fenner who heads the ORCID Outreach Working Group that I am a member of, but I and another OWG member helped out a little. It’s nice and short, and open-access too, so just click the nice super-short DOI URL below to get it and start reading!:

Fenner, M., Gómez, C.G. & Thorisson, G.A. Key Issue Collective Action for the Open Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCID). Serials: The Journal for the Serials Community 24, 277-279 (2011).

[..] The success of ORCID depends on a critical num-ber of enabling services and users. It is the perfect example for a collective action problem, described in detail by economist Mancur Olson in 19653: without selective incentives for participation, collective action is unlikely to occur even with large groups of people with common interests. What this means for the forthcoming launch of the ORCID service is that ORCID has to focus on incentives for individual groups of stakeholders, and that the adoption will happen in stages, adding value for a particular group at each stage.[..]

If you’re really keen to read more about this important initiative, I can  also recommend Martin’s paper published earlier in the year:

Fenner, M. ORCID: Unique Identifiers for Authors And Contributors. Information Standards Quarterly 23 (2011).

In this article I want to describe some of the important decisions that were made in order to ensure widespread adoption, and therefore success, of the ORCID service.





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