Finally got around to tweak my website a bit

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About time. I’ve been thinking about this for ages: I really ought to translate as much of my site to Icelandic as I can. And now I’ve done something about it.

I wrote about translation some months ago, and since then I’ve installed the excellent qTranslate plugin on my site. It’s not perfect, but does the job well enough and seemed to be the best free, not-so-complex tool available for WordPress.

So, now there’s a pair of nice flags in the header bar for switching between Iceland and English for regular posts, and also for the other content on the site, including the little widgets in the sidebar on the front page and my Publications page:


I also added some links to the main author profile services of relevance to me:

Mendeley gudmundur-thorisson 
Google Scholar yfQ_-aUAAAAJ
Microsoft Academic Search 29102892

If all goes as planned with ORCID development and summer launch of the service, I hope to be able to add a fourth logo & author identifier to this list.

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