Articles in scholarly journals

A selection of papers I’ve authored or co-authored are listed below. A comprehensive publication listing can be found on my Mendeley profile. Most of them are published in open access (OA) and so anyone can access and use them. Some of papers are published in closed toll-access journals. In those cases, I provide a link to self-archived versions of the text in an open repository (“green” OA).

Watson, I. and Þórisson, G. Á. The Icelandic Open Access Barometer 2013. Samtíð. 1, (2013). 

Mabile, L., Dalgleish, R., Thorisson, G. A. et al. Quantifying the use of bioresources for promoting their sharing in scientific research. GigaScience 2, 7 (2013). 

Thorisson, G. A. Persistent, unique identifiers for authors – ORCID and smaller publishers. ScieCom Info 8 (3) (2012). 

Beck, T., Free, R., Thorisson, G. & Brookes, A. Semantically enabling a genome-wide association study database. J Biom Semantics 3(1), (2012). 

Taylor, M. and Thorisson, G.A. Fixing authorship – towards a practical model of contributorship. Research Trends November (2012).… 

Murtagh, M.J., Thorisson, G.A., Wallace, S.E. et al. Navigating the perfect [data] storm. Norsk Epidemiologi 21, 203-209 (2012). 

Fenner, M., Gómez, C.G. and Thorisson, G.A. Key Issue Collective Action for the Open Researcher & Contributor ID (ORCID). Serials: The Journal for the Serials Community 24, 277-279 (2011). 

Webb, A. J., Thorisson, G. A. and Brookes, A. J., on behalf of the GEN2PHEN consortium. An informatics project and online ‘knowledge centre’ supporting modern genotype-to-phenotype research. Hum Mutat  32, 5 (2011). [postprint in Leicester Research Archive:

Thorisson, G.A. Accreditation and attribution in data sharing. Nat Biotechnol 27 (11) (2009) [postprint in Leicester Research Archive:

Thorisson, G.A., Muilu, J. and Brookes, A.J. Genotype-phenotype databases: challenges and solutions for the post-genomic era. Nat Rev Genet (2009) 10 (1) [postprint in Leicester Research Archive:

Thorisson, G.A., Smith, A.V., Krishnan, L. and Stein, L.D. The International HapMap Project Web site. Genome Res 15 (11) (2005) 


Other scholarly publications

Thorisson, G.A. Database federation, resource interoperability and digital identity, for management and exploitation of contemporary biological data. PhD thesis, University of Leicester (2010). Leicester Research Archive